Trading Conditions

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm to make WILSON & MACLAGAN  a supplier for your business.

Can I buy direct from W&M ?

We are wholesale importers and distributors and supply exclusive to retail shops relevant to our industry.

Website application is strictly for our existing customers and potential customers that owns a retail shop.

To protect our current customers, we cannot supply direct to the public.

The discretion to supply a retailer lies with us and we will consider each application.

We mainly supply exclusively to retail shops with a shop front or established sewing and craft teachers  with at least 50 + students on a regular basis.

Online shops must be established for at least 2 years with an established customer base.

If we cannot supply you, we will try our best to direct you to our nearest retail shop or online shop to assist in your needs.

As our range is extensive every retail shop cannot stock all of our products.

Thank you for understanding.


Our minimum purchase requirement is R 10 000 per year.

Minimum purchase requirement per Invoice is R 1000 + VAT + Courier.

If you do not purchase at least R 5000 within 6 months or the minimum purchase requirement within the first year, your website application will be re-evaluated.


If you are a new Registered Customer and you do not place an order within 3 months you will automatically be deleted.
Existing Customers that place regular orders will not be effected.


Where do I start ?

Before you can place an order with us, you need to register as a customer on our website.

Please select the REGISTER button on the HOME PAGE of our website.
Complete the Website Registration form online.
PLEASE give us a detailed description of your business to avoid a lot of correspondence as we need to understand your business before we can consider your application.

You will receive a copy of your registration.

We consider the applications on a weekly basis, please allow at least 7 working days after registration before enquiring.

If your application is successful, we will e-mail you an approval letter with your LOGIN and PASSWORD.


How do I place an order on the website ?

Once you are registered, you are able to place an order on the website.

Our minimum purchase amount per order is R 1000 + VAT + COURIER.

Prices reflected on the website are VAT exclusive.

Please note no exceptions will be made.

Minimum order quantity of 5 applies for all products with a value less than R 20.

Products over the value of R 20 can be ordered each.
To assist you with ordering through the website, on our website under the heading DOWNLOADS and print a MAP of our website layout to see where to find the products.

Please print it so that you can familiarize yourself with our website as it is very comprehensive.


You cannot print a PRICE LIST on the website and we do not supply Price lists.

The price is reflected once you open the picture or photo.

Our prices can change without prior warning as all of our products are imported products and prices can fluctuate due to exchange rates.


We have a W&M CATALOGUE available with color print outs that you can order at a cost of R 300 + VAT.

Every month we put Color Printouts in your order that can be added to your Catalogue.

Discontinued products are deleted from the website and no longer available.


Ordering Products:

Quantities can be adjusted and products can be deleted to your shopping cart once you VIEW YOUR CART.

If you make any changes in shopping cart you have to click the UPDATE CART button to save your changes.

When your order is completed, PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

Click PLACE ORDER button to submit your order.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail of your order placed.

A record of all your orders placed can be viewed in MY ACCOUNT.


How do I know my order is received and being processed?

Once you submit your shopping cart, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

We will e-mail you a quotation within 24 working hours.

If you have not received anything from us within 48 working hours, please phone Kerry at 021 930 5250 to enquire about your order or send an email to


Payment for Order:
PLEASE DO NOT transfer ANY MONEY as some items may be sold out or quantities need to be adjusted.

Prices reflected on the website are VAT exclusive.

Courier must also be added.
You will receive a Quotation from us which will be e-mailed to you within 24 working hours after placing the order.
Quotations are valid for 7 days.

The products on the Quotation are not guaranteed due to high demand.

Our terms are payment before dispatch.

PLEASE endeavour to pay Quotation a.s.a.p. to ensure receipt of available stock.

If stock is sold out, any overpayments will not be refunded, but kept on your account as a credit amount.

Please use the customer code as reference for payment not to delay the order.

Please e-mail or fax proof of payment to ensure we pick up your payment in our bank account.

Once we see the payment in our bank, the order will be dispatch within 24 working hours.

If you have an account with us, goods will be sent immediately once we receive your order.

Account facilities are available after a minimum of 1 year with the consent and discretion of the Director.


How soon after I have made payment will I receive my order?

We need to see your payment reflecting in our bank.

Without a customer reference it is very difficult to allocate your payment.

Thereafter the order is pulled, checked and dispatched via UTI Couriers within 24 working hours.

Courier will take 2 – 4 working days depending on the area.


How do I trace my parcel once dispatched?

Once your parcel is dispatched, you will receive a copy of the Invoice via e-mail.

You can also phone or e-mail Kerry if you have not received your parcel within 4 working days after dispatched.



All orders are despatched within 24 working hours once order OR proof of payment in our bank account is received.
Orders will be despatched via UTI Courier.

Keep in mind this is not the total courier cost, we make a contribution of  +_ 50 %.

If you are staying in an area where the courier contribution is more than 50 % for W&M, we will contact you to arrange your own courier.

For NAMIBIA, you have to arrange your own courier.


Courier Fees:

Courier Fees:

South Africa:
R 0 – R 2999 = R 150 per order excl VAT
R 3000 + = Free courier

Western Cape:
(Map available under downloads: courier fees)
Yellow area on map – courier as above for South Africa.
Brown area on map:
R 0 – R 2999 = R 50 per order excl VAT
R 3000 + = FREE Courier

Namibia and Other parts of Africa
Please arrange own courier.

Can I pay with Credit Card?

You cannot pay with your credit card.

You can do a transfer into our bank account.

Please use your customer reference for payment, for example THE015



We will accept goods returned within 4 weeks of the Invoice date.
We can only accept items if broken or invoiced incorrectly, NOT if you ORDERED the goods and DECIDE not to take it anymore.

Products with price stickers or damaged products will not be credited.

We do not refund postage/courier.



HEAD OFFICE Key Staff for assistance:

Kerry – Existing Orders, Add – on to orders and Courier Liason.    

Linette – Statements, Account Queries, Credit Notes.
Marietjie – Website Management

Linette – Queen Bee, Stock and Product Queries, Stock availability, General trade enquiries


We are looking forward to a good business relationship with you.

If we can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact or e-mail us.



Director: WILSON & MACLGAN (Pty) Ltd